Step 13f: integrity, flow, Presence


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EarthCore2526TubeTorusArtistNyakoNakarPlease watch or listen to the beginning few minutes teaching of the meditation. A modern lifestyle divides a person through distraction and diversion. This is unhealthy to every part of a human being, as well as brings detriment to family, workplace, and the world. Meditation has the goal of Presence, integrity, and wisdom such that integrity ensures ethical action, Presence is lived as kindness and respect, and wisdom is the common source of words, decisions, and gratitude. Distraction undermines all of this human excellence.

The toroidal flow is the direct experience of these truths. Distracted, there is no continuity of mind, concentration, ease or peace of mind. Distraction riles the emotional body, creates reaction, irritation, impatience, survival-mode responses. Distraction generates cortisol because distraction divides the self into parts, each unsettled, each disturbed from its innate flow (mind, emotions, physical processes, and such).

Meditation trains us to notice. But more importantly, it provides the opportunity to experience a greater Real. As one experiences the fact and flow of energy and auric fields, of peace and continuity of mind, of contentment of the feeling nature, then the divisive and destructive nature of distraction can be understood for its negativity.

Webcast: integrity, flow, presence

Podcast: integrity, flow, presence 

Mahamudra 4: the texture of delight


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heart_leaf_by_TerrificGirlConjure gratitude. Let it arise over something real, then deepen into it. Gratitude is sparkly.

Appreciate something – a falling leaf, a rain drop, sunshine, or friendship. Then drop into the fullness of appreciation. It is a dance of delight.

Mahamudra is a word, like water is a word. To experience the wetness of water, one has to drink it or touch it. To experience the nature of mahamudra one has to realize the touch of it. Mahamudra is the texture and nature of Reality. It is what is under the surface of clarity, movement, joy, ease. To practice mahamudra meditation is to invite the Truth of Moment by dropping the pretenses or posturing of common reality.

Webcast: the texture of delight

Podcast: the texture of delight 

Photo: Heart Leaf from DeviantART

Step 13e: Abiding and toroidal flow


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Distraction is a curse. Distraction is an interrupted thinking process, a disrupted flow of action or energy, distraction diminishes one’s capacity and dis-empowers. When analyzed, it becomes clear that distraction whittles away at the finite resources of time, endurance, perseverance, and the processes that lead to accomplishment. Meditation is a training in non-distraction.

Flow_by_edloTo abide in meditation is to choose to do so. It is the choice to stop doing things in a distracted way. Then the toroidal flow of energy fields, of flowing awareness, and of peace and contentment within are experienced. Non-distracted, we experience abiding. Then we realize that follow-through or concentration with a daily task or responsibility can also be a state of abiding – and engaged as such would be accomplished with ease and joy.

Webcast: Abiding and toroidal flow (two video teachings: at the beginning and about 8 min. in.)

Podcast: Abiding and toroidal flow 

Image: Flow from deviantART

Leaf, grace, peace (mahamudra 3)


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Falling by Lellani-M on DeviantART

Falling by Lellani-M on DeviantART

In Autumn the leaves fall gracefully from the trees. But that is possible only because the tree is no longer feeding the leaf and thus the leaf is no longer feeding the tree. The tree has realized that the outer sources of livingness cannot sustain itself, and so the tree centers. It brings its sap to the core (trunk), then down to the roots, and the leaves display the celebration of inner contentment of the tree.

We can do this too. The more often we practice centeredness, inner presence, peace from within, we will discover that there is less and less periphery, there is less that satisfies us from the outside. Like the tree, we can cultivate an inner core of peace and peaceful abiding. In truth, this is a mahamudra way of being.

Podcast: Leaf, grace, peace

Webcast: Leaf, grace, peace



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