Mahamudra 2: the texture of delight


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heart_leaf_by_TerrificGirlConjure gratitude. Let it arise over something real, then deepen into it. Gratitude is sparkly.

Appreciate something – a falling leaf, a rain drop, sunshine, or friendship. Then drop into the fullness of appreciation. It is a dance of delight.

Mahamudra is a word, like water is a word. To experience the wetness of water, one has to drink it or touch it. To experience the nature of mahamudra one has to realize the touch of it. Mahamudra is the texture and nature of Reality. It is what is under the surface of clarity, movement, joy, ease. To practice mahamudra meditation is to invite the Truth of Moment by dropping the pretenses or posturing of common reality.

Podcast: the texture of delight 

Photo: Heart Leaf from DeviantART

Mahamudra 1


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awakeningMahamudra is a Sanskrit word. Maha means great – as in universal, limitless, beyond comprehension and conceptualization. Mudra has several layers of meaning.

  • First is the common mean: a posture or movement with a part of the body, such as hands. The reason for the mudra, however, is not often understood. The mudra is a physical representation of an energetic reality as well as an invocation of that energetic reality. A mudra applied with wisdom is a mudra that is effective. One done without understanding has not meaning or reason to be done.
  • Second, mudra means seal as in a magistrates seal or stamp of the law. In other words, mudra is the esoteric, and thus veiled, reality of Reality. Mudra is stating that, in fact, all existence is energy presenting. Nothing is only as it seems, and nothing is as dense as it seems. This is the fact (stamp of truth); this is Reality (Cosmic Law).
  • Third, mudra also speaks of seal as in a sealed vase or sealed container. This refers to the sealed nature of awareness until it is awakened. Our wisdom is contained within self-referencing and material ascriptions, thus is limited, curtailed, contained. The cosmic physical plane is also sealed, in this case, like a womb with no exit. The only way to break the container of the cosmic physical plane is to liberate awareness such that Awareness-Being is all that IS. That is actually self-same as Reality, thus the seal of ignorance (limited mind) is undone. The seal of limitation broken – enlightenment.

Mahamudra is a meditation practice, but only in a sense. To quote Khyentse Rinpoche, “All method is a trick.” In other words, all methods are to get the practitioner to experience something that already exists and is either innate or substantially present. This is what I mean by mahamudra being a meditation practice in a sense.

Podcast: Mahamudra 1

Graphic: Awakening from DeviantART

Light and serenity


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Moon PriestessTantra is the realization that two-ness is behind the concept of duality. The distinction is that two-ness infers the inseparability of the factors involved. This means that they are actually non-two.

In meditation, one of the primary two’s that worked with are light and serenity. These have various levels of expression and practice. Two forms that might be familiar to some readers are called vipassana (light) and shamatha (calm abiding or serenity). At essence these two are the primal ingredients of all levels and forms of meditation. These are like the sky (light) and the ground (serenity).

Here is a meditation, with a short teaching-introduction that leads one through the layers of experiencing light and serenity, vipassana and shamatha.



  • Keep in mind the meditation retreats coming up. The one at Spirit Fire in Leyden, MA is very soon: Sept. 10-13. Love to be with you in meditation. If you live in New England or New York come!


Invoking Cosmic Harmony in World Service


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Every day is the right day to invoke the celestial forces of Light and Harmony into the Earth and humanity. A full moon cycle amplifies that which is invoked and evoked.

As fellow human beings flee from horrible states of war, famine, and hatred, we can invoke the powers of Harmony. We are all beings in need in some measure, and our fortune can change spontaneously. Helping others, we ensure that kindness will meet all people equally, including ourselves should the day of our need comes.


Downloadable podcast: Invoking cosmic harmony


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