Roots = in this together


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Roots_by_seventhHumanity is in trouble. Violence is in common language, common actions, and part of common entertainment. Violence effects millions of people directly through war, poverty, abuse, slavery, and sexual misconduct. Violence is often the first thought or action regarding Nature – to kill bugs, mice, trees – pesticides, fish farms, feed lots, factory farming of any kind, all of these interact with Life in a violent, controlling, and malicious way.

Meditators of the world have a role in this troubled world: to bring forward the heart and its livingness of the Path and, thus, interconnectedness. The troubled state of humanity and how it interacts with life will only be changed as humanity lives from the wisdom, ethics, and compassion of the heart and realizes that “we are all in this together.”

Bring forward your meditation practice throughout your day. Be the heart and kindness that the world needs. Be the maturity of the Path that humanity needs to see, hear, and experience. Be rooted in the ground of Being and bring excellence into the ground of your life.

Webcast: Roots = in this together

Podcast: Roots = in this together 

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Release: the dance of the devas


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Sympetrum_flaveolum_-_side_(aka)Release. Let go.

This is an Intermediate meditation sparked by interaction with the devas and their teaching to us.

Webcast: (will play on any computer but not iPad or iPhone): Release, the dance of the devas

Podcast: Release, the dance of the devas 

Step 11g: Ground, Roots, and Light


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Ground, roots, and light – hold these in presence through the day.

  • Meditation (awareness) is the ground. That gives us stability, just the ground under our feet. A life lived without awareness is like walking on quicksand, unstable.
  • The ground of awareness is self-recollectedness, of softening and opening to what each moment is and is bringing,
  • Each moment gain or sustain altitude: erect good asana, tuck in the tummy (especially if a desire or emotion is arising). In the moment, come to center and inwardly ask, “Is such and such necessary? How shall I engage this moment?” If the moment is an arising desire for gratification, stop, assess if you really need that something, as well as need to spend money, or time, or effort in getting it.
  • Breath and breathing accentuate the excellence that we are bringing forward. This is light, being it, expressing it, abiding in it.

Webcast: Ground, Roots, and Light

No podcast: sorry.

Graphic: Roots from DeviantART

Step 11f: Self-recollectedness


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Roots_by_seventhSelf-recollectedness: to re-collect the self, to orient oneself toward awareness or hold oneself in the stream of awareness.

As meditation becomes the ground of one’s day, a self-recollectedness is present. To produce that requires the training and taming of meditation training. Stay with it!

Webcast: Self-recollectedness

Podcast: Self-recollectedness 

Graphics: Roots from DeviantART


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