Our purpose on Earth



Each Sunday, we meditate with and celebrate Mother Earth. This meditation was one where we considered our necessity to Earth as part of Her plan. In other words, we are here for a reason important to Earth. As such, what is it that a human being alone can bring to Earth’s plan for her part in the great solar system and its part in local cosmos?


Downloadable podcast: Our purpose on Earth

Luminous Perception on Spirit Fire Radio: great show!


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Autism was the subject of off-the-cushion application of Luminous Perception. A great show with a great guest.

Steve, Tim, and their guest Tammy Duncan brought home several ways by which Luminous Perception is alive within our life, and how any situation is not only what it seems.

Check it out! Scroll down the Spirit Fire radio page to the “Spreaker” player for the podcast of the show. Click here.


Sitting Avolokiteshvara: elegant poise


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Liao_Dynasty_Avalokitesvara_Statue_ClearThe first step in generating a quality of Being is to realize that it is innate. Like a seed, one cannot produce that which is not already within.

Grace in and with one’s Being is one quality that Avolokiteshvara exemplifies. We generated this elegance in this meditation.


Downloadable podcast: Sitting Avolokiteshvara

10c: Brightly shining

luminous, brightly shining.001“Luminous is the mind, brightly shining.”

Through our meditation practice, we have discovered that our mind is not simply computational mental equipment, but that the mind is our feelings, perceptions, projections, and sense of self. The mind is not the brain, but the mind is awareness itself in all its range, capacities, and states.

“Luminous is the mind, brightly shining,” therefore, luminous is one’s emotions brightly shining; luminous is one’s thoughts brightly shining. This reminds one of the choice of vibration and light that one can express through any moment, in any situation.

Luminous perception includes perceiving oneself as light: its wisdom and its compassion. Through that awareness, one perceives people and circumstances as the same.

*Unfortunately, the recording of this meditation is faulty and cannot be posted. Please meditate on your own or use a favorite podcast.


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