Step 8: cultivating quality, accomplishing Presence


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Cultivating a quality is an excellent spiritual practice. To do so, we hold the chosen quality forefront in every way and cultivate its spectrum of expression. In this way, cultivating kindness brings about not only kindness but patience, listening, allowing, joy, ease, and more. Similarly with asana.

At one point in my life, I cultivated the quality of asana for years. My focus was not the physical postures but the ideas and spiritual concepts that asana asked to be embodied and noticed as already present. These include:

  • posture inner and outer,
  • position (where am I inside myself, or am I beside myself, avoiding myself, collapsed in myself) and where am I with others (present or distracted),
  • attitude
  • altitude
  • poise
  • composure
  • equipoise.

I can say, uncategorically, that cultivating a quality of Presence works and has for myself and students in my classes for the last 25 years. Choose a quality and begin today. Have fun! You will be amazed at the process and the achievement.

Webcast (will not play on iPhone or iPad but will on any computer or OS): Cultivating quality, achieving Presence

Podcast: Cultivating quality, achieving Presence 

Step 8: Asana: meditative attitude, inner awareness


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Sunset-BuddhaAsana has layers of meaning. Each describes or points to an aspect of living with vibrant, full awareness.

  • Posture effects and qualifies one’s mind. Change the posture and the mind will adjust. A slouchy posture creates a lazy mind. A straightened posture in any situation clears the mind.
  • Position is mudra. Mudra is a conscious method of conducting and directing energy. What we might not understand that we are doing mudras all day. Our body is directing energy throughout the day. What kind of energies are you directing and where are you directing them to?
  • Attitude. Asana means attitude just as it means posture or position. Like posture, change one’s attitude and the moment changes, for benefit or detriment.

There is more. The beauty of meditation is that there is no limit to what we can discover. Why? Because we have been living in a small reality. Meditation opens reality and there’s no limit to that.

Webcast: meditative attitude, inner awareness

Podcast: meditative attitude, inner awareness 

Let it begin with me.


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globe in hands“Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.”

Let there be kindness, respect, courtesy on Earth and let it begin with me.

Let there be creative inspiration on Earth and let it begin with me.

Let there be patience, care, simple wisdom, and clarity and let it begin with me.

This meditation has long potent silences as celebrate what humanity is capable of. As each person brings forward human dignity and excellence then the whole world is changed. How? By actions and decisions born from dignity and excellence. Let us live from dignity. Doing so, we can transform how humanity lives with itself and the world.

Webcast: Let it begin with me.

Podcast: Let it begin with me.

Meditation, step by step


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____2261343No matter how one learns to meditate or deepen one’s practice, steps and incremental technique with be the method. This is how we learn to do anything. Step 8: Asana, integrates one’s practice into a form while also adding an integral part – one’s body. This body is how we accomplish everything including meditation. Without it, we are not incarnated.

Read more about asana and meditation on the Spirit Fire site. As it says, “We support our meditation by including our body, not abstracting from it.”


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