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milkweed_whitefluff2_p1150697_by_nemonameless-d5ve5ewThe wind blows outside, and I am breathing. Responsibilities call, and I am breathing.

The wind calms outside. I am breathing. Responsibilities attended. I am breathing.

Be steadfast like the breath, not distracted or stormy. Composure is a choice.


Downloadable podcast: I am breathing

Inside-outside stability: flow


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chakra-chartPer usual, the Intermediate practice mirrors and matures the Entry practice.

Just as being a child is pre-requisite for being an adult, the Entry practice and its approach to meditation and life is necessary for the evolution of the Entry steps in the Intermediate practice. I highly encourage everyone who is exploring or participating in the Intermediate meditations to frequent the Entry practice.

Having said that, “Our inside create our outside, but the outside conditions the inside.” One’s inner state of composure and contentment creates a peaceful or eased outer life experience. As such, flow and stability follow upon the centeredness that one brings to the moment’s of the day. Responsibilities, relations, and choices have no drama to them unless we put it there. They have no stress to them unless we add it to the moment by abdicating our state of composure and contentment.

This is key. In every situation either composure or contentment (and their synonym states of mind and emotions) will address all daily needs. Sustaining composure and/or contentment through one’s daily situations is the way of the wise and the peaceful.



downloadable podcast: Inside-outside stability

The river makes the banks …


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snake-river-grand-teton-national-park-wyomingThe river makes the banks. The river cuts its way through, moves what it needs to, and eventually makes its mark on the landscape. Rivers are a might force of life. The breath is a river inside us.

Breath and the river point to stability and change. The trail of the breath is constant and always in the middle. When we focus upon it, even for a short moment, calm and inner stability ensue. This tells us that the only true stability is from within. And the breath adjusts to the needs of the moment, like a river adjusts and requires adjustment of the environment around it. This is the teaching of change that the breath provides. Stability and adjustment are inseparable, just like the river and its banks.


Downloadable podcast: The river and the banks

Flower of Life Unfolding


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earthrainbowThe heart chakra is the manifestation of the Flower of Life. It unfolds without limit. It receives from all forms of life. The heart center has the capacity to interact with every presentation of life (past, present, and future), in every dimension of life, and that which is presenting through all circumstances and events. The heart chakra is the Mother Gaia and all her life intentions, at the same time it is the human heart center. This is a profound consideration.

Furthermore, consider that all the other centers (chakras) of a human being are emanations of and particular ways that the heart’s fullness interacts with the fullness of Life. As such, to unfold the heart center as the flower of life that it is, along with its subsidiary centers (the usual primary chakras) is to engage life, to participate in its unfoldment through one’s own.

My apologies for the background heater fan that comes on intermittently.


Downloadable pocast: Flower of life unfolding


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