4c: The alchemy of non-coherence (soften and open)


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small peonyThis meditation is led in such a way that the alchemy of the step is made clear. Soften and open is the result of breathing light into something (mind, feeling nature, body, and such). This process dissipates negative emotions or thoughts and releases positive ones so that they expand. This is explained as we work our way through each aspect of our self.

This meditation is a keeper and one to do many times. It is clear and makes clear that The Practice of Living Awareness is about your living awareness: living it, using your practice through your day and being empowered thereby.

Webcast: The alchemy of non-conherence

Podcast: The alchemy of non-coherence

4a: Soften and open


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small peonyCan anything sustain itself being while being closed off? No. Life force must come and go, in and out, expansion contraction, breathing. The flow of breath is a supreme teacher which is why paying attention to the breath is primary and foundational in all meditation practices. The Practice of Living Awareness invites the practitioner to notice the tantric teachings in each step thereby awakening deeper understandings of self, life, and ultimately of emptiness-infinity of everything and moment (just as the breath is empty and infinite simultaneously). Breath contains all levels of this teaching and training. Thus breath is supreme.

Softening and opening is an example of this range of practice, understanding, awakening, and living. Each meditation in this step will engage some facet of the fullness of soften and open. We begin with receive.

Webcast: Soften and open

Podcast: Soften and open

Aries Full Moon webcast

Originally posted on Blazing Light, Love's Song:

Aries represents the adventurous striving for highest freedom. This is epitomized in the myth of Durga battling the asura, in Moses battling Pharaoh, and in Jesus’ resurrection from death. All are Aries. Yet, eventually all weapons must be discarded, and debate and duplicity of mind undone, such that only the power of Compassion reigns.

With this Durga becomes 1000-armed Avolokiteshvara and weapons of form (mace, discus, swords, and such) become implements of insight (arrow of directed contemplation, the beads of dependent arising and interdependence). Ultimately, 1000-armed Avolikiteshvara is absorbed in the state of Beingness imaged in Ushnisha Sittatapattra, presenting as 1000 heads of omniscient supreme wisdom and ten thousand arms extended in pure compassion.

All of the above display human Beingness. Highest Aries is the seed of pure Being in the cosmic adventure of Becoming. We are this. The Aries full moon offers us the reminder that we are Compassion’s…

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