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manjushriTuesday, March 31, I will give a free webinar on The Symbolism of Tibetan Imagery and Thangkas. This webinar is a taste of the six-session (week) online course that follows beginning April 7.

Tibetan imagery is one of the world’s symbolic forms of art. It is intended to inform and instruct. The information relates to the psyche, levels of consciousness, and presentations of Reality. The instruction covers all layers of life experience and meditation. Join me for both. Details and to register

Online courses are convenient – the webcast of each session can be viewed at your convenience, if the time of the class does not work for your life schedule. Also, online courses are “green”, with no transportation needed. Here is the agenda for the six sessions.

Week One: Oneness and Mandala
Week Two: The foundation of Two
Week Three: The three Three’s
Week Four: The Four powers
Week Five: The Five primary colors
Week Six: The Six virtues

See Blazing Light blog for some articles related to Buddhist principles applied to life.

Or do a meditation here on The Practice of Living Awareness blog that uses some of the principles or imagery from the Buddhist stream.

Daring and the blazing heart

Originally posted on Blazing Light, Love's Song:

vajrayoginiThe higher energies of Aries make plain the distinction between hubris and daring. Hubris is of the solar plexus and the lower chakras. It is personality driven, has a personal agenda, is often brash and uncouth. Daring, on the other hand, when ignited from the power of the heart, is clean, clear, and incisive. Daring can engage the untruths of the personality and its fabrications of enemy or antagonist, as daring has only one purpose: the liberated free flow of truth and being. The fabrications of enemy or other are within our self because we are at war within our self. As such, a person or country drops into hubris and the caricature of being right or important.

Instead, daring is a high calling, and calls us to the highest truths of livingness that we are capable of. This is why the Master DK states that Aries inaugurates the New…

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Step 6: Heart-Mind


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step 6The Spirit Fire website says it well: “Up to this point the practice has taught us to breathe consciously with a smile and with flow; to focus on receiving and releasing. Through these steps the interconnectedness of life is vibrantly apparent and directly experienced each time we meditate.

In the Tibetan language there is only one word for both heart and mind, and when a Tibetan speaks of mind, he or she will often point to the heart. As we begin to experience this truth from within, we experience another level of smile, of the coming and going of the breath, and of the ability within ourselves to let go and be more heart-full. This is what is meant by mindfulness.”

“Our lungs lead us to our heart. Our heart has opened our mind.”


Downloadable podcast: Heart-mind


Earth Hour flower


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Flower-of-LifeYesterday celebrated Earth Hour. For one hour, millions of people around the world turn off their lights for one hour. Hundreds of thousands turn devices off too, and all of it to save energy and make a statement about world climate change.

How powerful! Millions of people! It is an annual event and more do it each year. Earth Hour is an example of the flowering of personal responsibility as a member of Planet Earth. And, in its small way, the Sunday Service meditation is too.

You are invited to meditate for world well-being every Sunday. Shared consciousness is real. Because it is, every one who meditates, thinks kind thoughts, acts in honorable ways, and brings beauty and nobility forward through work, service, parenting, and living effects the collective consciousness of humanity. These actions counter the hype of fear and self-orientation that modern culture and media foster. Being noble and virtuous is the way of wisdom, of the elders, the ancestors, of children, and of the heart. Service to the world can be offered in many ways. Each Sunday, join us in this one by podcast or live.


Downloadable podcast: Earth Hour flower


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