Meditation creates excellence.



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Creativity. Equanimity. Patience. Reverence. Clarity. These are powerful qualities, and meditation leads the way to each and every one of them. Spirit Fire’s mission is to offer you every opportunity to to find these inherent qualities within yourself and celebrate them to no end. There are many ways to tap in!

Watch our video lecture: The Power of Meditation

  • a preliminary exploration of how meditation works and why its results bring forward the best aspects of a human being. Watch now.

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  • we will expand on the inner workings of meditation and the development of an effective practice. Class starts July 7th! Register for this class here.

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Meditate daily with The Practice of Living Awareness

  • We offer live online meditation… every day! Join live or listen by podcast here on this blog; meditation is a gift only you can give to yourself. Stop, drop, and meditate.

    “I have one desire for the world: that everyone meditate. In doing so, all problems would be solved with clarity and wisdom, empathy and far-sighted compassion. Every person would be happier from the inside and realize that deep happiness expands through kindness.”
    –Donna Mitchell-Moniak

The Vibrational Excellence Program:
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Part 1:     The Vibrational Spiral: Where Are You Expressing From?
Part 2:     The Inner Workings of Meditation & Why It Works
Part 3:     The Chakras and Subtle Anatomy
Part 4:     The Seven Rays: Your Vibrational Architecture

Dear Saturday Busy Bees, 

Donna Mitchell-Moniak:

Love the poster!

Originally posted on ~~Life As a Wave~~:

Happy saturday everyone!

Saturday, a good day to go a little easier on yourself, downshift from the week, and take some breaks. We all need to replenish and rejuvenate from time to time. I’ve noticed that many of us are forgoing those times of replenishment though and plowing through the weekend with our long to-do lists.

Whether you’re a staunch weekend relaxer or a Saturday busy bee, there’s many ways to take a break AND feed your soul. Finding “you time” doesn’t mean channel surfing all day on the couch. You can make space for yourself in the 5-minute car ride to the grocery store or the 1-minute pause while you wait for the coffee to finish brewing. Sure, it may not be the same as a spa day in the mountains, but rejuvenation can happen moment by moment no matter where you are.  Here are some ways to take…

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The technique brings results.

1228184015zmlz5efLife is full of mysteries. One mystery is how one thing is actually many things, or finds iterations of its essence over and over again. We experimented with this in this sitting. The focus was the line. Very little instruction, the fullness of one’s sensations, and a deep meditation resulted.

This meditation will be instructive for all levels of practitioners precisely because it has little guidance and your experience is the true instructor.

We entered Step 12 today with a simple experiment, which created a profoundly simple, delicious, and deep meditative experience.

Downloadable podcast: Simple experiment and deep results

I love the Earth!


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I love the Earth! I wake up every day singing praises and gratitude for life and being alive. Thank you, Mother Earth!

This World Service meditation is born from that heart, from the joyous realizations that this life is possible because of Mother Earth. This meditation engages the layer os heart and heart chakra that pulse and breathe with life on Earth.


Downloadable podcast: I love the Earth!


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