Inseparable: the field, the quality, You, me


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Father Holding Daughter's HandHold someone’s hand. There’s lots in that gesture and experience but, ultimately, it’s the field of unity that we are experiencing.

Say something mean to someone or about someone. In addition to the words used and their tone, it’s the field of the pettiness that is most fully experienced and will remain in someone’s memory.

Nowadays, we are programmed to think in terms of pieces and components, but it’s the wholeness of the experience that we abide in. Speak kindly. Feel the field. Smile at a stranger or a loved one. Feel the field. It’s the experience of inseparability.


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The truth of it


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Fire heartHeart-mind is one. It is one broad spectrum of relatedness that includes and makes thinking, creativity, associations, and ease possible. Separated – or brainwashed and acculturated to believe that heart and mind are separate – the problems of separateness result: violence, judgement, animosity, negation and limitation.

Heart-mind are provide a limitlessness of responses, possibilities, creative solutions, personal interactions, not to mention wonder, awe, appreciation, and peace. Patience abounds when heart and mind are lived as one, priorities are easy, in fact, ease is easier too. Reclaim your integrity! Feel the truth of vulnerability and allow it to others as well. Create from the rich source of true creativity! Live heart-mind.


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Like the Sky


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butterfly+universeWith practice, a meditator will experience certain states easily and repeatedly:

  • Space – voluminous, unobstructed, simple – space like the sky
  • Hang with that and, eventually, the breath will be apparent in its peace and smoothness. Breath and space are smooth – uninterrupted by nature. One experiences, “Ah, it is I who interrupts this natural smoothness of Awareness.”
  • Hang with that, and the ease and peace illumine innate and ongoing dynamism. Space-peace is dynamic and full. But it is not full of things (which would be interruptions) but simply full because it is empty.

This is an Intermediate meditation.


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Already here


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Fire heartTouch your heart. Now think of being angry. Nadda, right?

Keep your fingers on your heart. Consider being impatient, or petty, or argumentative. Not happening, and actually feels unintelligent, right?

In this moment, if you did the experiment, you just proved to yourself that heart-mind is a unified field of creative awareness that gives a person far more options than functioning only through the cognitive mind and reaction emotions.

This meditation, though Entry, is for all practitioners. It gives us the direct experience of the capacity that each of us has to function as a more whole human being in multiple situations through out one’s day. Be empowered. Meditate, then take the instruction off the cushion!


Downloadable podcast: Already here


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