Away with family for Sunday and Monday.


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Sunflower_by_lauperrPlease use one of the World Service meditation podcasts on Sunday, and your favorite Entry meditation for Monday. There will not be live online meditations those days, therefore none recorded then either.

Remember that peace in the world requires peace within oneself, that patience undoes selfishness, and that kindness begins with a smile and completes with another person smiling. BE Love.

Allow. Pure is already now.


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budha faceLuminous perception includes space. Space – the space of not doing, not thinking, not reacting – the space of allowing, provides. Provides what? Space lets presence be experienced.

There is a significant teaching at the completion of the meditation, as well as the beginning. (Webcast will play on any computer or tablet but not on iPad or iPhone.)

Webcast: Allow. Pure is already now.

Podcast Allow. Pure is already now.

Luminous Perception IS Awareness.


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budha faceMeditation was never intended to be something that one does as an end in itself. Examples of such are brushing one’s teeth, filling the car with fuel, or changing a light bulb.  Done. Task accomplished!

Meditation is more than a component of a lifestyle; it is a livingness. Meditation makes one more aware – internally and externally, of subtle things and gross. One’s life choices, then, begin to follow the trail of awareness brought about by a meditative attitude and focus in life. This is powerful, and can be so precisely as meditation becomes integrated into one’s life.

A practitioner knows this. An on-the-cushion, off-the-cushion life is one of duplicity. Why? Because meditation opens one’s mind, heart, and possibilities – giving one all manner of options to the by-rote habits of the lower self. Why choose the lower self and its limitations when meditation, and the integration of mindfulness into the life, make positive choices obvious? Troublesome duplicity decreases as meditation is lived off the cushion, instead of something one does like brushing teeth.

Luminous perception is the ongoing awakeness that everyone can live. Wakefulness cannot be measured, thus there is no achieving it or failure to do so. One simply notices that ease, or creativity, or peace, or patience already present. Noticing the usually not noticed, choosing the bright way in the moment (patience, peace, kindness, selflessness, etc.) is luminous perception and the livingness of meditation.

There is no webcast.

Podcast: Luminous perception IS Awareness. 

Meditation is Amazing!


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Here are some excepted podcast-bits about meditation. They are from the Light of the Soul discussion group, a free teleconference discussion of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Patanjali is the source of Yoga and fundamental teachings on meditation. In these short podcasts, Donna explains some of the profound factors of meditation. Enjoy and pass them on!

The teleconference discussion group is an open forum. Information to join in is on Blazing Light.


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