Step 8: Asana and sacred silence


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Meditation_by_galifardeuLess instruction, more meditation in this session. Instruction in The Practice of Living Awareness asserts the ongoing integration of the current instructions into one’s day and life. On the cushion is important. In that way, we learn to meditate, hold a meditative state, and thereby have insights and realization. But that is not enough because, ultimately, it is selfish. “I” have the insight. “I” experience peace or tranquility. “I” perceive that there is interconnectedness to life. Excellent! Now do something with it.

Integrating tranquility results in patience and a calm demeanor. Integrating insights results in transformation and letting go. Integrating an awareness of interconnectedness into one’s life results in a flow of positivity from and to one as a relaying point of goodness not a delaying point of self-interest.

When Asana is added to one’s practice, one’s practice gels in a further or richer way. Why? In The Practice of Living Awareness this is so because our focus on Asana is for mindful appreciation and engaging of every part of one’s incarnation. The bowl inside the hips invites awareness of one’s stability and how we fill ourself, our time, etc. Or tightening the belly button area triggers a brightness in the mind and a possible corresponding moment of stillness in the throat center or a tickle. Why does that happen? Because they are a interdependent pair and a direct experience of this is possible by The Practice’s method with Asana.

Webcast: Asana and sacred slience

Podcast: Asana and sacred silence 

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Continuous: U & B the Antahkarana 5


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vertical raysWe are dimensional beings. Antahkarana is the vibrational continuous nature of the dimensionality of Awareness-Being.

Awareness is this simple, as is Moment, Being, Presence (or Sanskrit or Tibetan words for the same). Intuition is as aspect of this dimensionality. It is knowing in an additional dimensional way, which is why it is dismissed readily by those who choose density and a finite reality. But we are dimensional beings. We already the great breadth of Awareness-Being. We are this. The antahkarana makes it possible for a person to realize already present universal Being.

Webcast: Continuous

Podcast: Continuous

Step 8: Asana and sacred form


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Spirit is matter and matter is spirit. This was said by Blavatsky in the late 1800′s. Soon thereafter, quantum physics was born from the basic principle that matter is not solid, compacted, and only dense through the genius of people like Max Planc and Albert Einstein who had Blavatsky on their desk or in their mind. But more than 2000 years before that, the Buddha had said that “form is emptiness, emptiness is form.” All these people are saying the same thing.

Asana, as is practiced in The Practice of Living Awareness, is a call to the sacredness of our body. Without it, we cannot serve, which is why we are incarnated. This body is the only one that we have, the only source of hands and feet, of vision and sound, of touch and taste, or perception in the worlds of form. This body is sacred, profoundly so. And being respectful and in amazement of that, we then lift our eyes to the sacred world of form all around us. The mandala of form that is the world, Nature, a moment of being alive, this recognition comes from living with Asana as part of our living awareness.

Webcast (will play on any tablet or computer – Mac or Pc, but not on iPad or iPhone): Asana and sacred form

Podcast (downloadable): Asana and sacred form 

Continuum: Understanding and Building the Antahkarana 4


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vertical raysThe nature of Awareness-Mind is clear, radiant, empty of fabrications or modifications, thus is non-interrupted – it is a continuum. Antahkarana is another word for the non-interrupted, continuum-continuity of Awareness-Mind. Various models of states and planes of awareness or of being portray a ladder-like, step by step, access to more refined (or higher) modes of Awareness-Mind. This portrayal is understandable in order to convey to the concretizing mind a system or order of both Awareness-Mind-Being and how to BE. Yet, in reality, Awareness-Mind-Being has the character of continuous flowing and dynamic radiance, that is uninterrupted in any way thus is empty thus is infinite.

Antahkarana is the continuity of Awareness. Buddhi or monad or essential Self or essence Mind are not somewhere else, just as Summer is not somewhere other than Spring. The arising of Summer from Spring is the wave of the seasons, labeled and used accordingly by all life forms. Yet the seasons are a continuum, waves of the ocean are a continuum, Awareness-Mind is a continuum. We break it up with the naming of everything. This is an understandable action. As incarnated beings, identified by form, this is understandable. But, ultimately, it is a fundamental error.

There is video on the front and end of the meditation practice. May we all awaken to already present pure Awareness.

Webcast (won’t play on iPhone or iPad but will on any other tablet or computer and OS): Continuum, Antahkarana 4

Podcast (downloadable for use anytime): Continuum, Antahkarana 4 


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