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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe great master, Patanjali, gave the world the system of yoga. His focus was not the physical body but the methods whereby a practitioner could yoke, as in harness, his or her mind, energy, appetites, and desires. In so doing, a practitioner can arise into the true state of Being. Physical yoga is one of the seven schools of yoga, six of which owe their source to Patanjali thousands of years ago.

Light of the Soul (LOS) is Alice Bailey’s commentary to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali’s Sutras are so important that many commentaries have been written or orally given over the millennia on them, with Bailey’s coming from her training in theosophy and her tutelage under the Master DK. Our exploration of this timeless teaching was interrupted for a few weeks while I was traveling and teaching the Continuity of Consciousness retreats, but now I am back and the online free discussion group can pick up where it left off.

We begin again on Sunday, November 23 at 8 pm ET. You are welcome to join us live. The online webinar platform is GoToMeeting and is device-friendly.

Here is a PDF of the book, if you do not own it.

Click this link to join in on Sunday, November 23 at 8 pm ET.

Accomplishing meditation


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Not everyone can be a gymnast, an accountant, or a pilot, but everyone can be a meditator. Meditation is innate to a human being, and it is so because meditation is simply the direct access to inner awareness.

  • Meditation is not pain management, though one’s relation to pain will adjust through meditation.
  • Meditation is not a form of stress reduction, yet stress transforms under the influence of meditation.
  • Meditation is not an abstraction from life, but is the direct engaging of it.
  • Meditation is probably the most important training a person can undertake, paralleled only by the rigors of loving, wise parenting.

The Practice of Living Awareness can teach anyone to truly meditate. Learning to meditate requires time, effort, dedication, and the choice to give yourself that which only you can give – the gift of awareness. With that forefront, you become part of the energy of change in the world.

The Practice is in interim between Rounds. We will begin again soon. Until then, how is your practice? Use this blog for a meditation each day or as frequently through the week as you can organize. Meditate – for yourself and the world.

Diamond-Being expression

14c: living it


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freedom_02_by_AnnMeMeditation changes everything when we live from meditation. The methods within training in meditation “trick” the practitioner to come into relation with the inner truths and realities, back from the distractions of worldliness and self-orientation that keep one milndless and self-centered. Instead, meditation calls one inside. From centeredness, one lives attentive to truth and integrity. From contentment, one lives at peace and in patience. From awareness, one moves in the world – changed just enough to catalyze change of the world.

Pettiness, anger, impatience, and insatiability are poisons to oneself and to everyone. Therefore, living with awareness, living from awareness, living with the delight in life as it can be lived – even with the difficulties in life – this living awareness changes everything. We smile. We take a long, slow, deep breath, and we meditate being with our day.

See you mid November for a new Round and new compatible live online platform! Peace, friends.

Webcast: Living it

Podcast: Living it 

On your own again!


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The current Round of all levels of The Practice of Living Awareness is completing. The timing perfectly coincides with my traveling to teach the Autumn meditation retreats. (There is still open registration for the Tahlequah, OK Continuity of Consciousness retreat in early November if you have interest. Click here for details.)

After the almost 6 months of a Round, practitioners are encouraged to take their practice in hand and be true to self and the commitment to self-betterment through meditation. Just as important, as practitioners, we can assess how integrated our practice of ongoing living awareness is in our life. Are we softening and opening to a moment? Or, minimally, can we feel the tension and posturing within our self when we are not open to listen, open to flow, or open to change? Can we feel the integrity that good asana brings through the day? Do we remind ourselves that core and centeredness will support or bring about clarity of mind, quelling of errant emotions, and reduce the cortisol levels in our body?

These reflections and more are the livingness of the next few weeks. Use the podcasts and webcasts on this blog to support your daily meditation practice. We will be back soon and will embark on another Round of Entry, Intermediate, and Generative meditation and a compatible online platform.

Be well and bring peace and light into the world! 🌸🌸🌸



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