2c: Noticing the subtle and opening to Awareness


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Lift your eyes from the screen and take note of all that is within your view. There are myriad of shapes, forms, colors, and sizes. And all of these are arranged in foreground and background, inset within one another, as well as represent identifiable things or people to you. But, the biggest factor that is in front of you – and all around – is the air, the space that is present. This is telling us something.

The unseen, unrecognized, and unknown far exceeds that which is seen, recognized, and currently known. No matter how one considers this or examples one examines, this statement is correct and true, and air in the room symbolizes and is an example of this.

tip of the nose puppiesWe complete the week of Tip of the Nose noticing some of the usually not noticed, some of the amazing and wondrous experiences of breathing. As we do, and without effort, we are simultaneously cultivating meditative focus: learning to withdraw from the blatant and obvious which captivates our attention the majority of the day, and to come inside to the subtle experiences within a moment. All meditation practice, training, and experiences will rely upon and be born from our capacity to withdraw from the world of appearances and reactions and come into the world of recognizing the subtle.

Doing so, we have begun the Path of Awareness.


Downloadable podcast: Noticing the subtle, opening to Awareness

Webcast: Engaging the Bodhisattva Heart of Humanity


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What if the very purpose of humanity is to bring forward the ingenuity and clarity of compassion in every regard? This webcast introduces that idea as well as three upcoming online course in this regard.
1.The heart and its power experienced through Entanglement Theory and morphic field resonance. in other words, how interconnectedness is quantifiably real and can transform the world for the better.

2. The Love and Sacrifice petals of the Chakra System and their unfolding through Bodhichitta – heart-mind, the wisdom of compassion.

3. The Yoga of Clear Light. This meditative practice is possible because of the brilliant, naturally intuitive and caring nature of people. In other words, you are Clear Light. This 4-wk online course explains this Tibetan Tantric practice and examines other spiritual traditions for something similar.

Intermediate: Mudra: actualizing energy


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mudraThe word mudra is often used in conjunction with asana. In that case, mudra is a component of an overall asana in physical yoga. But, in these meditations, mudra is the focal point for actualizing an invoked energy or an invited quality of Presence. Then, Asana is lived as the overall motivation for wanting to invoke energy and refined qualities, and mudra is the actualization, the point of demonstration and distribution of that which was invoked.

We’re turning these ideas a bit on their heads in order to get at a deeper meaning and purpose of asana and mudra.


Downloadable podcast: intermediate mudra, actualizing energy

Engaging the Heart of Humanity: a free webinar


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We are familiar with the idea of common sense, but does it always lead to common good? What is common good and how can humanity engage it in a way that benefits all life on Planet Earth?

This presentation defines the Heart of Humanity as the mechanism that is currently re-defining human consciousness and its role on Earth. The fullness of Heart is also involved in the process of humanity understanding itself as Bodhisattva. Bodhisattva is more than a Buddhist term and pre-dates Buddha Shakyamuni himself. It is a comprehensive description of human Beingness, compassion, and creative livingness.

Engaging the Heart of Humanity previews the four week course, Redefining Humanity as Bodhisattva. To  find out more about the class click here and scroll down to Thursday.

To register for the free webinar presentation on Thursday: click here.


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