Empowerment through Opening: Step 5

Generosity by Nullermanden on DeviantART
Generosity by Nullermanden on DeviantART

Softening and opening gives us options and fosters empowerment. Do an experiment:

  • For one hour pay attention to all the ways in which reactivity through contracting of emotions or mind occurs. Expressions of contracting include frustration, a sense of rush or anxiety, anger, pettiness of any kind, or judgment about anything. Expressions of reactivity are heard in our tone of voice, in sighs or sounds that we make about others or situations, as well as in personalizing that which has nothing personal in it (such as the weather or traffic or the need of a child or person).
  • During that hour, let yourself register how contracted your emotional and mental habits might be and therefore the level of limitation that you are living that is generated from within. This can be changed, and meditation will change it.

Then do the second half of the experiment:

  • For five minutes, no matter what comes your way, soften and open to it.
  • Positivity comes in all shapes and sizes, instruction or insight can arise from any situation, kindness or generosity wants to flow from us and is powerful to receive. Soften, open, and receive – no matter what it is. Soften, open, and be present. Cultivate a new empowerment. You will be surprised by what you discover through this experiment. Relax into a new fullness.
  • Then do it every day.

Here is a meditation to guide you.

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