Step 13a: Breathing With Toroidal Flow

torus with woman

The beginning of this meditation describes the torus, which is pictured here. This energetic mechanism creates a toroidal flow, where energy comes in through the top circumnavigates the spherical shape on the inside, comes out through the other end and moves around the outside to return again to the top. We have versions of this system all around us. The heart is a torus of sorts, moving blood out of the heart to deliver oxygen to the body and returning it back for more. Beyond the heart’s physiology, it is an energetic torus, constantly reminding us that what we put out energetically we will see returned. The earth is a torus, our solar system is a torus; our chakras are toruses and their toroidal flow is the stuff of our thoughts, our emotions, even our state of physical health.

This meditation works with a simple root chakra affirmation, allowing it’s positive vibration to express into the world. Enjoy.

Step 13a (downloadable podcast): Breathing With Toroidal Flow

2 thoughts on “Step 13a: Breathing With Toroidal Flow

  1. Hello, dear people. Would you grant me permission to use your torus illustration in an e-book about yoga?

    1. Hi. I purchased the content of that image from Bigstock. I am not allowed to share them as a result. I bought the two parts separate and combined them in Photoshop. If you purchase them, I will be happy to combine them for you. I did a search for “figures” and “torus” and those were in the results. You can purchase them one at a time. Let me know.

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