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Steve and Tim were joined by author and esoteric healer Stephanie Urdang this week. Steve introduces the hour with an explanation of the slippery slope of glamour. A glamour or to be englamoured is to personalize an ability, an accomplishment, or an inability. Steve puts this in reference to learning to meditate and how, by Step 7 of The Practice, one might think that one can meditate and feel pride about that, or think that one has not yet been able to accomplish meditation and feel defeated. In other words, “I” statements are usually suffused with glamour.

Stephanie begins the discussion with the roots of the word glamour, and then explains the source of glamour inside us. Our emotional rubric and our mental sense of reality blend and create being self-enamored of that which we can do or think we can. Equally, the same emotional rubric and mental sense of reality will combine to fabricate that which we tell ourselves we cannot do or have failed to do or not done well enough. Glamours, then, are defeatist either way, or disempower though we might not recognize that to be so.

Stephanie brings forward, through the training and understanding that esoteric healing provide, the common ways that we can realize a glamour and then release ourselves from its allure or spell.

Enjoy the podcast! It’s here on the Spreaker.