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If we consider the heart on various energetic levels or “planes” of expression, we discover the extraordinary qualities and functions of this centerpiece of our being. On the physical plane we recognize that the heart as the organ responsible for the circulation of blood, as the most vital organ of the physical body and of our physical plane existence. On the emotional plane of expression we recognize that the heart relates to our ability to express and receive love, and to our capacity to feel compassion or empathy. On the mental plane we may associate the heart as “core” or “central” as in “the heart of an issue” or we may creatively tap into ideas of togetherness, kindness, generosity, or Peace. And on a spiritual level we consider the heart as Union and group consciousness.

Considerations of the heart create luminosity in the mind. These two aspects of ourselves work together to connect us to our highest, most universal self. Happy meditating with Heart-Mind!

Entry Level: Heart/Mind Day 2 Meditation Podcast