S&D Roerich 2


For the month of April, Spirit Fire Radio will explore right speech.

The spoken word is thought made manifest. Words make sentences, sentences make conversation, and conversations move us into creative action. What are you creating with your words? Do they empower? Do they inspire? We will look at the positive effects on right speech and the influence that our words have on creating our reality.

Listen to our first episode here: http://ow.ly/admF50aNUqh

About our show:

Spirit Fire Radio is a collaboration between  Spirit Fire and the School for Esoteric Studies. Our programs explore universal spiritual principles that guide you towards purposeful living!

Purposeful living, practical spirituality… they sound like concepts we would all welcome into our lives! How do we bring compassion, tolerance, and hope to the forefront of our daily endeavors? What role do detachment and discernment play in bringing together our human family? Join hosts Steve Kramer from Spirit Fire and Dr. Dorothy Riddle from the School for Esoteric Studies as they explore spiritual concepts in practical terms. Tune in as they uncover ways that ageless wisdom can guide us in modern times. Spirit Fire Radio will challenge your thinking, offer insights, and discuss activities that foster goodwill in your life and the lives of those you touch.