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Step 12-NEW

Step 12, The Central Channel, brings awareness to the stream of energy that moves along the spine connecting the energy centers to higher levels of consciousness. Body and ground are now a part of our meditation training, providing the stability necessary to focus on some of the inner energy sciences of The Practice of Living Awareness. The mind, the body, and the subtle energy systems have been incrementally prepared for the last few steps of the practice.

The central channel is our core from within.  It energetically connects the above to the below, and vice versa. It is the physiological reason why a backbone and central nerve exist; in the grand design, they are the dense forms of the subtle central channel. Five of the seven primary chakra centers are aligned along the central channel. This serves as the primary avenue of alignment with the higher-self (soul or beyond), and the mechanism through which higher universal intentions calibrate and integrate into an ever-evolving human being. Yes! Happy connecting and meditating!


Entry Level: Central Channel – Day 1 Meditation Podcast