Entry: Toroidal Flow – Day 2

torus with woman

I hope you watched the video that I linked in the last post. Rewatching this reminded me how much I enjoy Spirit Science and their cutting-edge videos! Here’s “Patch’s” description of a torus (which is excellent): “A torus is a self-organizing system that comes together at a single point of unity and expands its energy outward in every direction, all around itself, until it returns back to that space in the center… and will continue to do so.”

As we generate alignment, we generate an increased capacity to receive and release; to invoke and evoke. We become toroidal. As we generate lightness of being, we send that quality out into the world and it intermingles with other toroidal flows, each communicating and informing. Now add the intention of generating goodwill into your toroidal flow while you’re off of the cushion. Watch as opportunities arise which allow you to display compassion, to be of service, and to spread some love. You’ve become a cooperative component in building a more peaceful world.

Today’s meditation leaves plenty of space for… space! Enjoy.


Entry Level: Toroidal Flow – Day 2 Meditation Podcast


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