Take refuge.


There are two universal truths that form the foundation of all New Age teachings: everything is energy and energy follows thought. If we follow Old Age logic whereas if A = B (everything = energy) and B follows C (energy follows thought), then A follows C. So, everything follows thought. That’s a pretty powerful wake!

Sometimes it’s as if the mind is in pursuit of us rather than the other way around. It tempts, it tricks, it tick-tock-ticks. It lures us into thought (and by universal law, everything must follow). “Hey, mind! I’m trying to simply sit here and breathe.” The mind loves that it knows right where to find you. “Here” as in “sitting here and breathing.” It’s the here and now that we’re going for. Once you’re in the here and now, the mind relaxes. The space at the tip of the nose is your refuge, your secret spot to bring you to the here and now. The mind won’t be far away; in fact, it’ll soon join you – but in the here and now, the mind’s got no where else it’d rather be.

Happy meditating.


Downloadable Podcast: Tip of The Nose – Day 3

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