Release, let go.



On one (very obvious) level, we live in a material word. We hold things. In the summertime, we hold peaches, wildflower bouquets, sunglasses & beach towels. Peaches get eaten. Bouquets go in vases, And the sun goes down, thus sunglasses come off and beach towels get hung to dry. In other words, we move on and all’s well. In the case of material clinging – we endlessly protect our favorite threadbare t-shirt, we indulgently refuse to share our cake, we dependently clutch someone’s arm, we hold tight to our “last dime.” It takes great effort, great force, to cling.

Once again, the breath can show us the way. In the same way we softened, opened, and received the breath – we soften, open, and release it. This is flow; this is relation; this is presence. And… it just feels so good to let go (even letting go of your favorite t-shirt; trust me, you’ll soon acquire a new favorite).

Happy meditating.


Downloadable Podcast: Soften Open Release – Day 1

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