From the head to the heart.



We recognize the heart as the organ responsible for the circulation of blood. It is one of the vital organs of the physical body and vital to our physical plane existence. The heart is our connection to life… literally and figuratively.

On an emotional level, we recognize that the heart relates to our ability to express and receive love, as well as our capacity to feel compassion or empathy. We think of someone with an “open heart” as being kind, nonjudgemental, nurturing, humble, and having the capacity to show love whether or not that love is being equally returned.

In the mind’s eye, we may associate the heart with “core,” as in “the heart of an issue.” Wisdom is the reflection of love on the mental plane in its capacity to see through to “that which connects.” It is the understanding that what I do to you, I am doing to myself; thus the notion of “turning the other cheek” has its roots in this wisdom of the heart.

Wherever you may experience heart; however and whenever you may experience heart – there is connecting and a bridging and a building taking place. “The longest journey one will make in their entire life is from the head to the heart.” Good things take time… journey on.

Happy meditating.


Downloadable Podcast: Heart-Mind Day 2

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