It’s the sweetest space, huh? The space between.

The space between Friday and Monday. The space between doing this and doing that. The space between what was and what will be. The space between thoughts. The space between break-ups, between breakfast and lunch, between Act 1 and Act 2, between hugs. All sweet. Yes, we’re really talking about time or time/space. But why – why is it so sweet?

Well, just before we enter that sweet space, we have gathered all that we need. Breakfast fueled us, the break-up freed us, Act 1 inspired us, the hug reminded us of who we are; we’ve gathered the makings of the current situation to its fullness, then a subtle detachment happens and a magical reorientation as the moment integrates. The fullness comes undone, and therein lies the sweetness. We’ve let go.

What’s more? It happens in the space between every breath. A fullness, a pause, a softening and opening, an integration, a release to the now (the sweet spot), an exhale and moving forward, breathing forth. It’s a wonderful cycle and the mechanism of life in time/space.

Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Interlude – Day 2