With Intention, Set Your Energetic Tone of 2018!



Attend our annual new year Living Awareness retreat, Intention, and start your new year through meditation and contemplation. This retreat will provide the opportunity to reflect upon the year that has passed and the wisdom that has been gained while energetically setting the tone of your new year. Anchor your intentions for the new year from a place of inner-alignment and peace.

Your guided-meditation weekend is supported by the serene environment of our retreat center, nestled in the foothills of the Green Mountains; delicious and healthy food; and the thoughtful group that gathers. Many participants have found great benefit from beginning the year meditatively, and return year after year. We hope you’ll join us!

​Registration Details

When:    Friday, January  5 – January 7, 2018
Where:  Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, Massachusetts​
Price per Person: 
​​$350.00  (Lodging – double occupancy, includes 3 meals a day)


For more information on all of our Living Awareness Retreats in 2018 visit:

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