A new year. A new round.



Happy New Year! May 2018 be your best year ever. And may the awareness you generate help to create a kinder and gentler world.

We’re excited to be starting a new round of meditations on Monday. Before that, we want to remind you of the basic structure of The Practice of Living Awareness and fill you in on a few new details… it’s all in the audio below, but if you’d like the skinny, here it is:

There will be three new rounds in 2018; one in January, one in June, and one in September. As always, a round of meditations covers all fourteen steps in fourteen weeks, with three meditations per week. Each meditation stands on its own, but its especially beneficial to follow along in order as each weekly step builds upon the one before it.

This year we will offer a ten minute introduction to the week’s step to allow for a little more silence in the meditations. This intro will be posted on Sunday morning and the meditations will post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. Also new this year are two new weekend streams of meditations, Breathe and Light. Saturday’s meditations will support the mindfulness aspects of The Practice of Living Awareness and Sunday’s will bring forward the qualities of insight within the practice.

The audio below has lots of pointers for getting started & getting the most out of your meditations along with some encouraging facts and special events to look forward to. We’ll be with you in meditation very soon!


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