“Breathe” Meditations with Carol Martin

Actually portrait (380x409)


Hello, my name is Carol Martin. Join me for Saturday morning explorations in meditations with a focus on the Breath.

Meditation is a foray into the relationship you have with your mind and your breath. Think about these two aspects of your self. Your breath gives you “life”. Your mind gives you a tool to use to navigate your “life”.

How does meditation affect your breath and your mind? Meditation is simply the best way to help your energy come into better balance, harmony and flow. This is the underlying value of meditation.

We are energy. Our life is an expression of our energy. How balanced, flowing and co-ordinated our energies are impacts our “expression” which becomes apparent in How we do, and How we are in the world.

Look for a new weekly Saturday morning meditation right here on the Living Awareness Blog.

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