Forgiveness, the ultimate release.




Allowing thoughts to come and go can take quite a bit of practice and meditation offers the perfect opportunity to do just that… to allow. As we allow, we are actually practicing detachment… allowing thoughts to arise and allowing them pass teaches us to be at ease with ourselves and at ease with present moment.  Ultimately, the result is clarity. But what if there is a thought or an emotion that simply will not go away? What if life has supplied us with an experience that lingers, perhaps in a negative way; an experience that snags our awareness or even our sense of peace? It usually means that forgiveness is necessary in order to soften, to open, and to release. For-give-ness, ponder it. For giving. 

As we give to ourselves… give ourselves kindness, give ourselves gentleness, give ourselves space for understanding – we are able to transform any thought or emotion. And from this place, we can offer our peace to another. Forgiveness is not the same as reconciliation, which means to accept or to be resigned to something not desired, in the same way that allowing thoughts to come and go is not the same as ignoring them. Forgiveness is a transformative process which allows us to release negative thoughts or emotions. It is a softening and opening. It is the ultimate release.


Downloadable Podcast: Soften, Open, Release – Day 3

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