Step 7: Interlude



The beauty of Step 7 is to allow Steps 1 through 6 to find their productive connectedness in the whole of your meditation practice. Interludes work beautifully in that regard; they are integrative. The number 7 itself signifies synthesis, wholeness, and completion. 7 days come together to create a week. 7 colors form the spectrum. 7 musical notes complete the diatonic scale. The route of NYC’s 7-Train travels through more ethno-centric neighborhoods than any other subway line, highlighting the fullness of America’s melting pot diversity… now that’s synthesis!

Step 7 of The Practice of Living Awareness is no different. It integrates the mindfulness-based aspects of meditation to reveal shamatha, or peaceful abiding. Furthermore, this lays the foundation for the second half of our practice, which focuses on vipassana, or insight. This week we meditate while we culminate. Enjoy this intro!

Downloadable Podcast: Introduction to Step 7 – Interlude

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