Satiety, silence, and stillness.



Noticing is a skill. Noticing what? Where do I direct my noticing? It’s a skill. Noticing reveals the incredible abundance of life on earth. Why? Because there’s just so much to notice. How? That is the question. How do I develop this skill of noticing? How does noticing reveal so very much? It comes down to sensing when to shift your attention to the next noticing. It comes down to satiety. When have I received enough from this moment? What a skill!

Allowing oneself to notice begets silence. Silence begets an inner stillness. Within the stillness there is so much activity. Suddenly, we find ourselves noticing on a slightly different level. Add a subtle smile (step 1), the intention of focus (step 2), recognition of flow (step 3), opening and receiving (steps 4 & 5)… you know where this is going! Awareness arises and meditation becomes magnetic. And what does it attract? It attracts the very next, most perfect, universally pre-selected, pristine and resoundingly inspired moment. Could this be the secret to joy? Could this be the secret to wonder? Could be.

Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Interlude – Day 2

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