Seeing more.



It takes alignment and receptivity to see beyond the shell of things.

I was with my mom one day in downtown Harrisburg, where I grew up. We liked to go there in the afternoon to people-watch, sit by the river, and enjoy each other’s company in the outdoors. On our way back to the car, we came to an intersection with stop lights. The city had recently installed audible signals to assist the vision-impaired in crossing the street on a green light. One direction had a chirping sound and the other direction had a deep, penetrating horn sound. It was the 90’s and this technology was rather new, or at least I had not seen (or heard) this before.

Now, there are lots of law and government offices in the historic buildings along the river, as Harrisburg is the capital of Pennsylvania. I said to my mom, “It would be awfully annoying to work on this corner with this loud chirping sound going off all day long.” My mom became still and looked me in the eyes and said, “Steve, it would be a lot more annoying to try to cross this road safely if you could not see and you had no assistance.” I was the blind one. Dim, if you will.

Luminous perception is the ability to see beyond our emotional responses, beyond our rote thinking, and beyond our limited understanding. Let there be light!


Downloadable Podcast: Luminous Perception – Day 3

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