Breathing Gentleness into the Body



Smile Meditation – Day 1. The body responds to a gentle breath in the same way most of us respond to a smile: with deep-seated desire for allowance. In other words, we really want the offering of a smile to penetrate deep within our being; smiles make us feel good on a physiological, emotional, and mental level. They inspire happiness (which is innate to our design). Similarly, the body wants to receive the luxury of gentleness within a breath. It welcomes the nourishing effect of oxygen and prana. When we put these two together – smiles and gentleness – magic occurs.

Today’s meditation is an exercise in body scanning and an invitation to bring gentleness into your physical vehicle. The Practice of Living Awareness begins every meditation with a smile, a long slow deep breath, and a chance to settle the body, mind, and spirit. You can incorporate a shortened version of this into your “settling” during every meditation. It is a wonderful way to tune into the vibration of allowing. Enjoy!


Downloadable Podcast: Smile Meditation – Day 1

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