Noticing The Usually Not Noticed



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Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 2. When we find ourselves caught in a sudden rainstorm, we take cover, Whether it’s a roof, an awning, a bridge, or a newspaper, it offers refuge from the prospect of getting drenched as well as a pause and a new view. Once we’re feeling a bit more steady, we can take a look around. Perhaps we notice a sudden freshness to the air, the lulling sound raindrops, or the rich colors of the soaked landscape.

In meditation, cycles and cycles of thoughts can feel like a deluge; just when we are settling into a moment of peace, they come pouring in and won’t seem to let up. This is perfectly natural, the mind generates thoughts, just as clouds generate rain. The tip of the nose not only offers shelter, but a steady place to have a look around. There are details worth taking in that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Perhaps the storm wasn’t so bad after all and puddle jumping awaits! Happy meditating.

Downloadable Podcast: Tip of the Nose – Day 2

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