Observing Flow

flow7 2


Flow Meditation – Day 1. Often times in meditation, thoughts line up like airplanes cued on the runway for take-off. One revs its engines and off it goes with a roar. Next up… and a new thought whooshes into focus. It is called a thought-stream after-all. “What is that noise?” “Oh, it’s the dryer.” “Did I clean the lint filter when I put the clothes in?” “Have I cleaned the filter lately at all?” “I’m supposed to be meditating not thinking.” “Go back to meditating.” “Why do I get so distracted?” “I’m hopeless.” “Breathe.” “Stop thinking.” “It’s Father’s Day soon.” “Stop thinking.” Thought after thought arises. It’s natural.

Instead of airplanes zooming off of the runway, let’s go with leaves gently floating down a stream to represent thoughts in this meditation. Exercising the observer mind allows you to break free from following the storyline of your thoughts. There are the objects of your awareness and then there is awareness itself. One feels like focus and the other feels like flow.

Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Flow Meditation – Day 1


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