The Presence of Heart

DSC01558 2

Heart-Mind Meditation – Day 1. When we center our energies in the heart, we are accessing the space within ourselves where we find our true presence; where we often put our hand when we refer to “I” or “me” in earnest. As we breathe and gently focus our attention on the area of the heart, we begin to vibrationally expand and include. The heart’s purpose is connection, or better yet, interconnection. We have a heart, but the heart is not limited to its physical function. When we respond with heart, we are responding with an acknowledgment that all in our existence is interdependent; that we are, in fact, one. Happy meditating.

Downloadable Podcast: Heart-Mind – Day 1

3 thoughts on “The Presence of Heart

    1. Hi Sally, Thanks for writing. The Practice of Living Awareness is offered by Spirit Fire. We are an educational non-profit focused on generating consciousness in everyday life and emphasizing the importance of practical, universal spirituality. Our meditation practice is part mindfulness meditation (steps 1-7) and part insight meditation (steps 8-14). You can find much more on the meditation practice on our organization’s website @ Just look under the meditation tab. We also offer online programs and have a retreat center in Western Massachusetts. Come visit us for a meditation retreat sometime. It’d be wonderful to meet you! Cheers, Steve

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