Spaciousness in Meditation

blue alps 2


Interlude Meditation – Day 1. Why meditate? If you’ve been meditating with us regularly with this round of The Practice of Living Awareness, it is my sincere hope that you can answer that in a way that is meaningful for you. If I were asked, I would say first and foremost, we meditate to get to know the mind and that begins by observing that which is usually not noticed. Indeed, learning to quiet the mind, create peace in the emotions, and bring stillness to the body is of utmost importance, especially in these fast-paced modern times; but the gift of noticing is quite precious.

Interludes create space for noticing the usually not noticed. And, though it sounds simplistic, sitting in meditation and noticing the relationship of the breath to the body, mind, and spirit gives new meaning to the word ‘spacious.’ Perhaps you have noticed over the past several weeks that the breath is paramount – we could not live without it. ‘Breath is life’ is a true statement in many ways… it is right in front of us, it is within us, it is us. Happy meditating.

Downloadable Podcast: Interlude – Day 1

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