Allowing Luminosity



The goodness of a smile is in its allowing – allowing it to linger in your experience. As we allow a smile to soak into our awareness and our experience, we feel our selves lifted… we lighten up. The breath contains components of this same effect. As we inhale, there is a subtle sensation of being lifted up and we can find lightness at the top of the breath. We find a certain lightness of being and a sparkling behind our eyelids.

We have mentioned that a smile is shaped like a bowl. It holds. It contains. and in that, it allows. Similarly, each inhale allows us to experience the present moment. It says, “yes, I’ll take it in.” Light reveals. And with each breath, we breathe in the details, the information, and the revelation of the moment. With each breath our perception is illumined.

Reveal and revel. Happy meditating.


Downloadable Podcast: Luminous Perception – Day 1

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