Sensing Momentum

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The central channel utilizes our alignment and allows for spiritual energy to to move up and down the spine. Our spinal cord is the physical manifestation of this energy passageway… spinal fluid has been referred to as liquid light. If you call to mind the image of the caduceus, which is used to represent the medical field, you’ll remember it features two snakes spiraling up a staff with two wings and capped top. The “staff” in this symbol is a representation of the central channel. The spiraling snakes are representative of two energy streams called the ida and pingala. As these two streams, the ida and pingala, move around the central channel, they cross to form the energy centers up the spine called chakras. This energy architecture is brilliantly designed to create the dynamic momentum of your life’s evolution. We’ll take this into meditation all week.


Downloadable Podcast: Central Channel – Day 1

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