Spiraling Up with the Heart



It’s obvious to associate the heart with the bloodstream, but it’s relationship to the lungs must also be kept in mind. After all, it’s not just our lungs that need oxygen… it’s the whole of our physiology and the bloodstream delivers. On the physical level, the heart is our connection to life… literally.

On an emotional level, we recognize that the heart relates to our ability to express and receive love, as well as our capacity to feel compassion or empathy. This is unconditional, universal love in distinction from conditional or personal love. We think of someone with an “open heart” as being kind, nonjudgemental, nurturing, humble, and having the capacity to show love whether or not that love is being equally returned. 

On a mental level we may associate the heart as “core,” or central, as in “the heart of the matter.” It is also related to deep understandings such as, “that which I do to you, I am doing to myself.” The notion of “turning the other cheek” has its roots in the heart center. Togetherness, kindness, generosity, empathy, and peace are all concepts of the heart.

And on the spiritual level, we consider the heart as union, group consciousness, and our connection to one source energy. Today, we work with toroidal flow in relation to the heart – the quintessential torus.  Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Toroidal Flow – Day 2

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