Essential Exchange



Why reinvent the wheel? This is a classic post and meditation from a few rounds back… it succinctly describes the apparatus which generates the toroidal flow of your awareness. Enjoy (again).

The image above is representative of your energetic architecture. Think of it as your vibrational scaffolding. Each one of those dotted lines is a chakra and each charka is a torus (torus = that which creates a toroidal flow). If you are are blissed out over a relationship, your sacral chakra’s inflow and outflow may be dominant and the breadth of that particular torus may be quite large. The toroidal flow may extend through the neighboring chakras, influencing their inflow and outflow – or in other words, spreading the love and the vibes of your joyful relations. It’s a system of exchange.

As you breathe (another mighty system of exchange), energy moves up and down this spiral shape above (the ida and the pingalla labelled at the bottom). Each intersection of blue and purple lines meets at the “point of unity” we’ve been talking about at the center of the torus, which is the center of each chakra – and all of these “centers” run along the sushumna, otherwise known as the Central Channel (Step 12 of the Practice of Living Awareness).

The movement of your breath is like water through a waterwheel, rhythmically spinning each torus, receiving and generating energy.  The system as a whole is accessing source or spiritual energy, unfolding awareness and allowing your experience to be new, creative, and inspired.

Don’t worry, you won’t be tested on all of this, but acknowledging the dynamic relationship between the breath and your awareness is really important. So important that we haven’t stopped talking about it since Day 1.

Happy meditating!


Downloadable Podcast: Toroidal Flow – Day 3

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