A Beautiful Relationship



Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 1. As the saying goes, sometimes what you are looking for is right under your nose. Could it be the ease of a smile? Certainly that’s right under your nose. It turns out these two bodily features have a beautiful relationship, at least in meditation. Both the tip of the nose and a smile offer relief: a smile in the form of gentle acceptance and the tip of the nose in a stable place to rest.

Step 2 of the Practice of Living Awareness is called “Tip of the Nose.” Why the tip of the nose and what actually happens there? We’ll spend a week answering that. For now, know that the lift you receive from a smile leads you right to it. The tip of the nose is a lovely spot to rest your focus. And while you’re there, get comfortable and have a look around. It’s a world unto itself.


Downloadable Podcast: Tip of the Nose – Day 1

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