The Freedom to Choose


Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 3. Where will your awareness land? The choice is yours. The photo above offers many options for places to land your focus as well as many ways to use your focus. You could choose to focus on the variety of colors and shades present or a particular color that stands out, you could focus on a particular shape or pattern, you could allow your focus to be soft and take in the entire composition, or you could choose to land your focus on a detail that stands out in your field of vision. The point is, the choice is yours.

Meditation is an exercise in choice. It brings forward a particular aspect of our beingness – the observer. As we move into this role, as we observe the mind and its thoughts, emotions and their sway, and the physical body and its sensations, we may choose how to respond. There is great freedom in our capacity to choose our responses. And though choosing to move your awareness to the tip of the nose during a meditation sitting and allowing yourself to gently become aware of the breath may sound like a small gesture, it’s not. Observe the results, it’s a grand choice.

Downloadable Podcast: Tip of the Nose – Day 3

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