Timely Release


It is autumn in New England and this year the leaves are especially dramatic. Each day the landscape is made new as fresh colors splash across the tree line and leaves toss about in the wind like confetti then land to create ever-new, ever-colorful, ever-changing ground cover. It is a spectacle that I look forward to each year… and a celebration of release.

Step 5  of the Practice of Living Awareness is Soften, Open, and Release. It serves as a natural progression: receiving gives way to releasing and the cycle lives on… and living on is precisely the goal of the the cycles of breath. Not unlike the autumn trees that slow the production of chlorophyll as sunlight wanes and their summery green gives way to other dazzling pigments before the final shedding and consolidating of energy for the winter months, the body has an innate intelligence that knows when to release so as to keep it all in flow and cycle, again and again and again. Happy meditating.


Downloadable Podcast: Soften, Open, and Release – Day 1


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