Setting Intentions



We pause for a week at the half-way point of the current round of meditations within Practice of Living Awareness. We’ve completed seven weeks thus far and have worked with seven meditation tools. This pause offers wonderful opportunity to integrate all seven into your weekly sittings or to revisit a particular guided meditation from our archives. We’ll be back next Monday with Week 8: Asana. The second half of this round will focus on vipassana, or the aspects of the practice that relate to insight.

Did you know that we offer meditation retreats at our retreat center in Western Massachusetts? There’s nothing quite like the experience of group meditation. It’s a wonderful way to build upon all that you’ve established with a guided individual practice. Add to that a setting that is designed to support the meditative experience in every way and you’ve got a Living Awareness Meditation Retreat.
We start in January with our “Intentions” retreat. This offers a valuable opportunity to set your intention for the new year. In March, we offer “Foundations,” an introduction meditation as a disciplined practice and an exploration of the aspects of our own practice, The Practice of Living Awareness. In June and July, our “Silence” Living Awareness Retreats focus on mindfulness, the value of presence, and generating appreciation through the senses. And in October, we dive into the practice with “Deepening.,”  a meditation retreat focused on the benefits of insight meditation. Consider joining us for one, or several!


Click here for more information on those retreats. And happy meditating this week!

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