Allowing Quietude


“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.” That message is on the chalkboard in the foyer of our meditation center in Leyden, MA. We offer that board up for anyone who is inspired to  leave a new message. I has stayed there for months. It simply seems to resonate with everyone who comes through the door.

Every so often a schedule change at our center leaves a weekend open for a spontaneous event. That it so for the weekend after this next one, November 16-18. We are opening the center up for a Quietude Personal Retreat Weekend. It offers a wonderful opportunity to follow the sign: quiet your mind and allow your soul to speak.

We will offer meditation each morning, a Friday night candlelight sound bath with crystal singing bowls, a Saturday evening bonfire (weather permitting), and as always at our center… mindful & delicious meals, peaceful surroundings, and 95 acres of forest & trails. ​Join the group for these activities or choose time to yourself… it’s all up to you. We’re keeping it small to allow for plenty of personal space… so sign up soon.

Arrive for dinner on Friday and stay through lunch on Sunday.  The rooms are double occupancy. We are happy to assign you a room or bring a friend and share the experience! Treat yourself to a weekend of delightful peace before the holiday rush begins. There’s more information here.

Ahhhhh, silence. (PS, we’ll be back on Monday with Asana, Step 8 of this current round of meditations.)


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