A Breath and a Smile




Smile Meditation – Day 1  Welcome to The Practice of Living Awareness, or welcome back! We are excited to begin a new round of guided meditations… in fact, we’re all smiles!

Meditation is a wonderful gift to give yourself. Your mind thanks you, your body thanks you, we all thank you. Right on! Below is the first podcast for Step 1, Smile. We’ll post three meditations for each step during the week. Each one will build upon the last, so try to do them in order. It’s the beginning of a great adventure and we are happy you’re here. If you’d like to receive these new meditation podcasts in your email inbox as soon as the posts are published, be sure to ‘follow’ our blog and choose the email delivery option when you set yourself up.

We start today with some details about the practice and some time to settle into a simple breath and a smile. Happy meditating!


Meditation Podcast: Smile – Day 1

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