As Within, So Without



Toroidal Flow Meditation – Day 2  Intentions lead to choices and choices lead to manifestations. As we look out into the material world we respond with new thoughts, feelings and desires. As a result, we create new intentions. We are constantly in relationship with the world, subtly and physically; as we’ve said many times, it’s all energy. Each moment prior has shaped this new one. Our relationship to this moment happening now, and now, and now, that will shape the next. All of those moments together reveal the shape of our lives.

Toriodal flow reminds us that the world “out there” began “in here” in more ways than meets the eye. As we develop intimacy with the consistent flow from outer to inner to outer, all around and back again, we can experience a merging with the field of awareness itself. From this point of ultimate creativity, the point of unity within the torus of our being, we become a channel through which the abundance of the universe naturally flows.


Meditation Podcast: Toroidal Flow – Day 2

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