Of the Earth




Ground of Being Meditation – Day 1  Your thoughts arise from your brain, yet your mind exists beyond it. Emotions are the result of your neurobiology and its relationship with a wide variety of organs, glands, and hormones. Your physical body manifests as the result of… well, mostly pure magic. All of these expressions (thoughts, feelings, and actions) play out through this vessel called you, on this stage called Earth. Containers abound.

Step 11 explores these vessels and settings which constitute our Ground of Being. Life on Earth is a magnificent parade of expressive beings… from toucans to sunflowers to rose quartz to 7.5 billion homo sapiens (including you). For the next several meditations, we will take the luminous mind-stuff and bring it down to land in the space called “embodiment.”

Happy meditating.



Meditation Podcast: Ground of Being – Day 1

4 thoughts on “Of the Earth

    1. I had a feeling that sentence would raise an eyebrow… great question. Since the post is about various containers, I was referring to the brain as a storage unit where we access the thoughts we’ve thought before, not unlike a computer accessing files. Indeed, the brain (or aspects of the brain) works like an antenna and attracts new thoughts, inspirations, intuitions, etc. I’d say it also helps us piece together abstract thoughts… and all of that exists within the plane of energy I’d call Manas (or Mind). Thanks for asking!

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