The Body



Asana Meditation – Day 1  As we move into the second half of this round of the Practice of Living Awareness, we’ll spend some time each week considering the ways that the second set of seven steps is a spiraling upward or a conscious extension of the first set of seven steps. For instance, Step One is Smile. We worked with the notion of the smile as a bowl and we experienced the various ways that a smile holds and contains. Step Eight (or the first of the second half) is Asana. We will expand upon the smile and work with the body as a container. It holds our capacity to experience the world around us through the senses, the brain and the nervous system, as well as the heart. The body is the vessel through which we traverse a lifetime.

Today’s meditation is a body scan exercise. It is the perfect way to bring awareness to our physical beingness and the joy that arises when we celebrate it with our undivided attention. Happy meditating.


Meditation Podcast: Asana – Day 1


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