The Sweet Lull



Interlude Meditation – Day 1  As we begin a new week of meditations, we begin to experience the efficacy of the steps we’ve worked with thus far and we begin to recognize that, in fact, we are meditating. Fullness of any kind often leads to a pause, an interlude, which is the name of this week’s step. Interludes are important. They allow us to integrate. An interlude has no agenda other than itself; it is a space between.

Meditation may be the ultimate interlude in its own right. So, as we begin Step 7, we ask, “why meditate?” If you’ve been meditating with us regularly with this round of the Practice of Living Awareness, it is our sincere hope that you can answer that in a way that is meaningful for you. If I were asked that question, I would say that one reason we meditate is to create ease in bringing the fullness of our being to each and every moment… without resistance. Perhaps this week of integrative meditations will bring clarity to the purpose of your practice. May it be so.

Happy meditating.


Meditation Podcast: Interlude – Day 1



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