Toroidal Flow



Toroidal Flow Meditation – Day 1  The torus is a fundamental energetic mechanism. Its circuitous motion creates a toroidal flow, where energy comes in through the top, circumnavigates in a spherical shape on the inside, comes out through the other end, and moves around the outside to return again to the top. We have versions of this energy flow all around us. The heart is a torus, moving blood out of the heart to deliver oxygen to the body and returning it back for more. The heart also generates a torus shaped electromagnetic field. Slice an apple in half and you’ll see a torus. The earth and our solar system circulate energy in the form of a torus: their toroidal flows are the stuff of creation, evolution, and expansion. Each chakra in our subtle energy system is a torus: this is the stuff of our thoughts, our emotions, and even the state of our physical health.

For Step 13, we take toroidal flow into meditation. As we tap into this universal energy dynamic, we are tapping into invocation and evocation, inspiration and aspiration… all a part of the process of awareness itself.

Meditation Podcast: Toroidal Flow – Day 1

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