Meditative Momentum




The latest round of online meditations has completed and we will pause for a bit before beginning again. The full round of meditations is on the blog if you’d like to enjoy a guided meditation during the break. Perhaps you’ll take-up self-led silent sittings for a while… set a timer and go.

If your meditation sittings have primarily been online, perhaps you’ll considered group meditation. We offer Living Awareness retreats at our meditation center in Leyden, MA. ​Our summer retreats and called “Silence.” Yes, they are silent retreats focused on the first half of the practice, the mindfulness aspects. These retreats are a wonderful opportunity to put the smartphone, the tasking, and the chatter aside for a weekend and focus on the experience… the direct experience of meditation, nature, and amazing food. Spirit Fire’s environment is specifically designed for you to meditatively tune-in to every sight, sound, and taste of summer.

This Living Awareness retreat will be led by Steve Kramer. It includes guided meditations based on The Practice of Living Awareness – all suited to every level of practitioner. There is currently a wait-list for attending the June retreat, but there are still spots left for July. We hope you’ll join us!

Visit our website for more information or click the link below to register now and reserve a spot.

Silence: A Living Awareness Retreat
Where: Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center in Leyden, MA
When: July 5-7, 2019
Cost: $395, includes all meals and shared double occupancy

Register Now



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