And Begin Again




Sparks initiate. They bring each new moment to light. Sparks reveal. They bring forward the possibilities that each one of these moments hold: creativity and peace, truth and insight, or goodness and beauty. Meditation could be likened to a spark that leads us through the doorway of “now” and into the field of awareness, where each new moment resides. Many doors. Many nows. Many discoveries.

Our adventure continues… a new round of the Practice of Living Awareness begins on Monday, July 8th. Each round offers 14 tools, or practices, which are designed to assist you in creating and sustaining a new practice, or to inspire your existing practice. We’ll spend one week with each tool, supported by three 20-minute guided meditations – which will be posted on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.

Spirit Fire is committed to cultivating consciousness through meditation, both online and at our meditation center in Leyden, MA. We are so pleased that you are with us, sparkling.



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