Smile and the World Smiles Back



Step #1, Smile – Day 1  “We shall never know all the good that a simple smile can do.” – Mother Teresa

This is true… a smile has a vibrational ripple effect that extends far beyond our perceptive reach. But, we can sense quite a bit of the goodness that it brings by simply wearing one and sharing one. And the fact that a new round of meditations is beginning may have you smiling inside and out. We are.

Enjoy this week’s meditations on Smile, the first of fourteen practices within The Practice of Living Awareness, and thanks for joining us.


Smile Meditation – Day 1



Note: If you are new to The Practice of Living Awareness and would like to receive these meditations as a formal training, you may want to look for the dropdown tab titled “FULL PRACTICE” on the blog’s menu bar under the tab “Practice of Living Awareness.” We have chronicled the entire last round of online meditations, which were presented in that way.

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