Delightfully Held



Step #1, Smile – Day 2  The shape of a smile is quite common: raised at the edges and curved from side to side. It’s the shape of a bowl or a basin. It’s the shape of the hammock above… it has a similar function as well. A smile holds and supports; it contains and carries. Create the time and space for a smile, and you’ll see that it holds the present moment in delightful acceptance. It allows you to linger with ease. We’ll begin every meditation with a smile so as to cash-in on this feature. Because you become the bowl… uplifted around the edges and steady at the base with the intention and purpose of receiving and containing light-ness of being. Smile wide, feel held.


Smile Meditation – Day 2



Note: If you are new to The Practice of Living Awareness and would like to receive these meditations as a formal training, you may want to look for the dropdown tab titled “FULL PRACTICE” on the blog’s menu bar under the tab “Practice of Living Awareness.” We have chronicled the entire last round of online meditations, which were presented in that way.

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