Follow Your Nose



Step #2, Tip of the Nose – Day 3  We experience the outside world with our senses; we hear it, touch it, see it, taste it, smell it. They help us navigate the terrain and inform our choices. Meditation allows us to give our sensory organs a rest from their usual roles… the eyes catch a break from judging proportion and tracking movement; the ears can rest up from fixing on a location; our skin need not sense texture or temperature. However, as our attention moves inward, the senses come alive in different ways. It’s as if we can see with our ears, smell with our tongue, and touch with the tip of our nose. Each breath contains vast amounts of subtle information. Follow your nose and see where it takes you! Happy meditating!


Tip of the Nose Meditation – Day 3



Note: If you are new to The Practice of Living Awareness and would like to use these guided meditations as a formal training, you may want to look for the dropdown tab titled “FULL PRACTICE” on the blog’s menu bar under the tab “Practice of Living Awareness.” The entire last round of online meditations is there. These particular meditations are presented as an introductory training to the practice. Happy meditating.

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