Opening to the Expanse



Step #4, Soften, Open, and Receive – Day 2  The brain is a data bank. It stores pertinent information that is collected from our experiences. It arranges data to formulate thoughts. The thoughts that we think again and again become our beliefs. Beliefs paired with our actions form our morale. So where does the mind fit into this picture? The mind is at once a field and a vehicle. It is fertile ground for insight and intuition. It is also an efficient transport between the personality (which is home to our intellect) and the soul (which is home to our wisdom). Meditation allows us to explore the whole kit and caboodle.

Ah, the open mind! Happy meditating.


Soften, Open, and Receive Meditation – Day 2




Note: If you are new to The Practice of Living Awareness and would like to use these guided meditations as a formal training, you may want to look for the dropdown tab titled “FULL PRACTICE” on the blog’s menu bar under the tab “Practice of Living Awareness.” The entire last round of online meditations is there. These particular meditations are presented as an introductory training to the practice.

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