Your Luminous Perception





Step #10, Luminous Perception – Day 1  Activity generates energy; just continuously rub your hands together faster and faster and faster and you’ll notice energy being generated. The acting of rubbing your hands together also takes energy… it’s an exchange. As we’ve said many times, life is all about flow.

The mind is no different. As we aspire to higher vibratory levels of the mind, we access refined thought-forms; we access our lighted mind. As we bring that light into our lives and shape it consciously; as we pair the light of mind with the warmth of heart, we generate good will. Meditation is not relaxation, though it can be very relaxing. Meditation requires effort. This week we will strive toward the upper reaches of the mental plane and utilize our all-access pass to imagination, illumination, and intuition. In other words, we’re gonna tap into our luminous perception.


Luminous Perception Meditation – Day 1


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