Your Aspiration Mechanism




Step # 12, Central Channel – Day 1  The Central Channel step of our practice brings awareness to the stream of energy that moves along the spine connecting our energy centers (chakras) to higher levels of consciousness. Now that body and ground are part of our meditation training, we can rely on them for the stability required to focus on some of the inner energy sciences. The flower in the photo above relies on its root system for support as it aspires toward the sun. It also relies on its stem, not only for tremendous support, but also as an efficient mechanism for nutrient exchange.

Our central channel has a similar design and purpose; it is our core within. It energetically connects the above to the below, and vice versa. Our backbone and spinal cord are the dense physical counterparts to central channel… supporting and exchanging. The alignment we establish through meditation allows us to aspire and make contact with our higher-selves (the soul or beyond) and the central channel is the energetic mechanism that makes this possible. Five of our seven chakras are located along the central channel. The ajna and crown chakras are located in the head. The chakra system works in conjunction with the central channel to bring higher universal intentions down into your system so that they may integrate with you… as a self, as an individual, as an ever-evolving human being. Yes! Let’s go there!

Happy connecting and meditating!


Central Channel Meditation – Day 1

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