Deepen Your Practice with a Living Awareness Retreat



Meditate in the splendor of autumn in New England. This year’s Deepening Retreat will focus on Goodness, Truth, and Beauty… three distinct qualities that are innate to our human experience. Meditation and mindfulness allow them to come to the forefront of our awareness and our lives.

Spirit Fire Meditative Retreat Center offers an environment which allows you to explore the depths of your meditation practice. This is a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a deeper meditative experience, ask questions, refine your sittings, and experience group meditation – which is blissful awareness at its best!

Arrive after 3pm on Friday. The retreat starts with dinner at 6:30pm and concludes on Sunday after lunch. This retreat weekend costs $395 all inclusive (fantastic meals, shared lodging, and teachings). Join us! Find out more about our Living Awareness Retreats here or register now (there are just a few spots left).

Happy meditating!

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