The Torus

Torus 3d


Step #13, Toroidal Flow – Day 1  The energy flow of the torus is experienced at this point in our practice. This flow is related to the spiraling nature of everything from the water going down a drain to the spiraling arms of our galaxy. The truth is, we are a mini-galaxy with similar internal properties. Our chakras are toruses, ensuring the constant and dynamic exchange of energies that create the experience of being human… aware… self-aware.

Meditation allows for finer vibrations of spiritual energy to enter and move through the body. The toroidal flow nature of our subtle energy system moves those energies into the world in the form of our actions, creations, and expressions. We attract new experiences as a result of those expressions which in turn inform our consciousness.  Higher consciousness raises our vibration to allow even finer vibrations to enter our system and, in turn, these express outward. This is evolution in action.

Meditation also allows us to sense the body and, as a result,  feel more grounded and present. Toroidal flow exists in the physical body as well… the heart and lungs work together to create this cyclical momentum as oxygenated blood moves out and around every to every cell and returns back to release carbon dioxide; the atoms that make up our physical being are all toruses. The breath is toroidal as well.

Pulsing and rhythmic, we experience life, and even time, as flow.

If you’ve got the time, click here to watch a delightful animated video on the torus by the ever-creative folks at Spirit Science.

This whole week, we will work with Toroidal Flow – Step 13.


Toroidal Flow Meditation- Day 1


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