A New Round Begins



Step #1, Smile – Day 1  Welcome, or welcome back, to the Practice of Living Awareness. This new round of meditations will take us through the holiday season and into a new year and a new decade! That offers plenty to smile about. 2020. Have you pondered that number yet? It begs us to consider clarity as a theme for the upcoming year. To see clearly is to have 20/20 vision. One might also say that meditation leads us toward greater clarity… clarity of mind or “clear seeing” in the way of perceiving, discerning, or understanding without distortions. May 2020 be the year of clarity and may meditation support you throughout.

We will begin this week with the first step of the practice, Smile, and continue on step by step for the next many weeks through to Step 14, Living Awareness, in mid-February. New meditations will be offered on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If you’d like additional guided meditations for any step along the way, there are plenty of archived recordings on the blog. Simply choose “Previous Round” or “Full Round” under the Practice of Living Awareness tab in the menu bar.

As always, happy meditating!


Smile Meditation – Day 1

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